Every time you use a car analogy…

…a kitten dies.
I really disrelish car analogies.
Especially in IT.
They are evil. And mostly useless.
Because people who have no grasp of the concept you are trying to explain to them will most likely not understand it with the “help” of a car analogy either but feel even more stupid and belittled!
It’s like saying “Let me break this down to kindergarten-level for you”.

So, think of the kittens!

MUM86A – unboxing

I don’t remember exactly the first time I read about this machine. But I do remember that from that day on, I wanted one.
But there was a slight problem.
I already had a kitchen machine. The trusted Siemens MK 1001 with a lot of add ons that my mother had given to me. Most notable here is the flour mill, which I used to use to mill rye floor and prepare my Frischkornbrei (“water-soaked ground cereals with fruit”).
Then, some weeks ago, it stopped working at all.
So, I was ready for a new food-processor!
Ordered last week, it arrived today, in an almost cubic packaging.


mum86a packaging

When you open the lid, you get a glimpse at just how massive this thing is.

mum86a top lid open

mum86a packaging slightly open

It’s gorgeous. Even Steve Jobs would agree with that ;-)

mum86a unpacked

mum86a sitting on kitchen shelf

It does come with some accessories. Though, there are some more available. I like to joke that it’s the Mercedes of food processors: you can spend the price of the base unit on top of it for accessories ;-)

mum86a accessories

mum86a with the delivered accessories

One thing that is included is a giant blender. 1.75 liters.

mum86a with blender

mum86a with blender

Resting on its place in my kitchen. I will need to cover it with something or it will get very dusty very soon.

mum86a on kitchen shelf

mum86a sitting on kitchen shelf

I’ve still got some bread I bought yesterday, so I will have to wait before I can switch it on for the first time.

It’s coming!

Finally, after a long wait:

Strange how something that originates maybe 20km from my home is first transported 50km or so away from me before being sent back again. It’s madness.