Peak Oil

I’m a somewhat avid watcher of the state of Peak Oil.
Today, Spiegel Online article caught my attention.
It seems, the maximum rate of natural petroleum extraction has finally been reached. But there’s still oil-shale, fracking, oil-sands and other stuff.
From now on, we’re in un-charterted territory.
I’m not sure, this is the most likely outcome, but let’s keep it in mind, somewhere, together with this technology. My grandfather reportedly had one of those, BTW.
Jokes aside, people should not forget that so far, nothing can match the energy-density of oil.

203 days later

According to wolfram alpha, it’s 203 days since my little accident with the bike – giving a whole knew dimension to the word “break”…
Today, I used the bike to get to work for the first time since that day.
I missed the cold, fresh air and the exercise.
Dismounting is still a bit shaky due to the way you bend the leg.